Monday, 25 February 2008

Bow finished.

Hello guy's

well as you can see I have finished the bow. I think it looks quite good just needs a rough sand to tidy it up. I was running low on glue so didn't made much more progress until yesterday. However due to daftness on my part I only got one veneer on because I dashed out of the house to go work on the boat and only realised I had left the new glue at home when I go to the workshop. I tried to wing it with the glue I had left but only got one veneer on.

Still the plan today is the try and fit the other veneer on this lunch time. I doesn't take that long to fit the veneer it's all the fannying about preparing the kit you need to do it so you don't wast time while the glue's curing.

Also I'm getting a bit concerned that I'm going to run out of veneer I estimated to hull surface area to just over 10 square meters times three layers equals 30 so I ordered 32 and got 33 sheets 1 square meter buckshee.

So that would mean 11 sheets per layer right. On the first layer I used 13 1/2 sheets so I order another 7 sheets and after laying up the second layer I had 13 1/2 sheets left for the last layer so it should be enough.

Now I getting close to the stern I have two sheets left which should give me 8 veneers minimum but it doesn't look like it's enough. Where did I go wrong?

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