Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well the project is well and truly stalled but I haven't given up. Life's just got in the way a bit the main goal now is to repair the garage so I have a dry working area for the boat. It didn't happen last year because the bathroom needed decorating. Again one of those jobs that starts out as a bit of tiling and some painting and turns into a bit of brick laying; plastering and plumbing as you uncover all the bodges and dodgy DIY that has been covered up over the years. I hadn't sorted it I would have been sleeping on the sofa for the next few weeks.

Its always been my ambition to have a good workshop for my projects so I'm going to sort this out during this summer leave. Unfortunately the garage was probably build by the same goon that did the bathroom so its not straight forward.

Originally I thought I would only have to replace the roof sheet's but the wall plates and joists are rotten and I'm worried if may fall on the boat. The joists are rotten because they have been cemented into the walls not bird mouthed and nailed to the wall plates as they should have been.

I will post my progress one the garage/workshop on my house blog.

I haven't given up guys its just when you are only home two days out of seven there's a limit to what you can get done.

Still KBO

Monday, 14 November 2011

More Sanding

Hi Folks,

I finaly got a chance to do some work to the boat today. It was only some sanding on the keel to remove the epoxy that pool arround the molds. Its a bit of an endless job but cost nothing apart from sandpaper. I would post a photo but it doesn't look any different.

Still I am back doing something, a small step at a time and I'll be finished in no time I hope.


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Yes I'm still here

Hi Guy's,

well not much going on with the boat still working away but I am looking for jobs locally so I can come home. I should have more time to finish the boat. The cottage is taking up a lot of my time at the moment.

I found a couple of photo's from last year from when I moved the boat. My work mates were winding me up about moving the boat and that I couldn't get it out of the building I build it in. It was an old AR1 airfield radar building with a single door. They were away working so I sent the photo's as proof that I managed it. It was a shame they were away they could have helped it was a bit heavy moving it on my own. Putting it on top of the car wasn't my idea Uffa Fox used to move his boat the same way on top of his Austin Cambridge.

That's all Guy's


Saturday, 23 April 2011

More Sanding

Hi Guys

Now the tapes off I have to get back to sanding of all the excess glue from the keel and the interior veneers. I used a mouse sander and a long board to fair up.

As promised here are a couple of photos.



I had a look round a bigger boat probably the last time I'll ever see it.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Finally Got Rid of That Tape

Hi Folks,

Sorry I haven't posted for a long time this working away and commuting home ate the weekend makes it hard to get anything done. I have had a week of for easier and have got a couple of days work o the boat. This entailed using a scraper and a Palm sander to finally remove the tape that has been so hard to remove. Now I need to sand down the inside of the boat with a long board just as I did on the outside. I will take and post some photos tomorrow.


Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi Guy's

Bit of a disaster this week the roof on the garage has been leaking. I knew this but what i didn't know was that the tarpaulin on the boat was leaking so the boat got full of water. I need to keep the moisture content of the timber below 15% to epoxy coat the boat.

Hopefully it will dry out I have tarpaulined the roof of the garage and rerigged the tarpaulin over the boat like a tent flysheet so it will shed the water.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Springing Leaks

Hi Guy's

No the boat isn't leaking but my garage is. The roof is made of wiggly tin with polycarbinate roof lights. The tin is rusting and the plastic is UV damaged so it's leaking everywhere. Two tarpaulins some battens and rope later the worst of the leaks are stopped. So no work on the boat, there's always something that gets in the way of finishing at the moment. Its a shame as I don't really have much left to do to finish it.

Still its MOT time for my car which is always a bit of a pain as it always needs work.

Hopefully I can get some work don in March.