Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well the project is well and truly stalled but I haven't given up. Life's just got in the way a bit the main goal now is to repair the garage so I have a dry working area for the boat. It didn't happen last year because the bathroom needed decorating. Again one of those jobs that starts out as a bit of tiling and some painting and turns into a bit of brick laying; plastering and plumbing as you uncover all the bodges and dodgy DIY that has been covered up over the years. I hadn't sorted it I would have been sleeping on the sofa for the next few weeks.

Its always been my ambition to have a good workshop for my projects so I'm going to sort this out during this summer leave. Unfortunately the garage was probably build by the same goon that did the bathroom so its not straight forward.

Originally I thought I would only have to replace the roof sheet's but the wall plates and joists are rotten and I'm worried if may fall on the boat. The joists are rotten because they have been cemented into the walls not bird mouthed and nailed to the wall plates as they should have been.

I will post my progress one the garage/workshop on my house blog.

I haven't given up guys its just when you are only home two days out of seven there's a limit to what you can get done.

Still KBO


rwyman said...

Hi Steve, I have been checking out your blog to see about boat building techniques. I am starting a boat myself, an Uffa Fox design, Flying fifteen. I figured the Hawaiian Islands needed a Fax boat. Are you making progress on your boat. I am new to blogs so not sure if this will go through. Robert - Flying Fifteen Pacific

Arianna said...

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Lina Juliette said...

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Penobscot 14 Sailing Dinghy said...

Hi Steve

Great detailed blog, I am keen on building a Jollyboat I am located in AU. Would you consider sending the CAD files for the molds or the printout of the molds, I am happy to pay you a fee for your efforts you have spent in lofting.

Thank You

Jesmond Psaila