Saturday, 29 October 2011

Yes I'm still here

Hi Guy's,

well not much going on with the boat still working away but I am looking for jobs locally so I can come home. I should have more time to finish the boat. The cottage is taking up a lot of my time at the moment.

I found a couple of photo's from last year from when I moved the boat. My work mates were winding me up about moving the boat and that I couldn't get it out of the building I build it in. It was an old AR1 airfield radar building with a single door. They were away working so I sent the photo's as proof that I managed it. It was a shame they were away they could have helped it was a bit heavy moving it on my own. Putting it on top of the car wasn't my idea Uffa Fox used to move his boat the same way on top of his Austin Cambridge.

That's all Guy's


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Al21 said...

I love the picture of the boat on the roof bars, makes me think that sailors are made from sterner stuff than some of the canoeists I know when they're moaning about getting a 15' canoe on the on their cars.

I should say how I've been really fascinated with the build, you're doing such a great job. I hope you can complete it before too long.