Friday, 22 April 2011

Finally Got Rid of That Tape

Hi Folks,

Sorry I haven't posted for a long time this working away and commuting home ate the weekend makes it hard to get anything done. I have had a week of for easier and have got a couple of days work o the boat. This entailed using a scraper and a Palm sander to finally remove the tape that has been so hard to remove. Now I need to sand down the inside of the boat with a long board just as I did on the outside. I will take and post some photos tomorrow.



Bob said...

Hello from the States!
I have been watching your progress with great interest.
I have owned a 2nd hand Fairey Jolly (J-US 191) for 45 years and have restored it /refinished it/ and finally given up and fiberglassed the hull with excellent West system results. I would love to do what you are doing from the ground up, but from a practicality standpoint am considering constructing a composit glass version(I may have access to the Molds. or may cast one off my hull) to avoid the future maintenance problems(My hull eventually rotted thru at the keel).
Anyway I have been where you are heading with the superstructure and decking. I suppose it really is minor compared to where you have been, but there is still a great deal of work in that deck and centerboard carpentry. I look forward to your "getting on with it."
I laughed at your comment about building it and then learning to sail it. It is an awesome machine off wind and will give you all you and a crew can handle. Mine never pointed exceptionally high, but I understand one of the rigging revisions was to allow a taller mast to provide for a narrower jib that could be routed inside the stay.
Anyway. Good job so far and thanks for the detailed blog. Very enjoyable/most inspiring.
Look forward to your rigging decisions one day. If I can give any help feel free to contact at Bob

Steve said...

Thanks for you encouragement Bob. I will finish the job when I stop working away and get back home. Sorry I am late replying I've been concentrating on the cottage the roof needs fixing so I doing jobs on the boat when I can.