Saturday, 10 May 2008


Hi folks,

Well I have run into problems. I have found three areas which have voids where the epoxy has not bonded the two layers of veneer. To be honest I knew I was going to have a problem here they are on the midships area right on the turn of the bilge. The veneer is being asked to bend in three directions at once around some very tight curves and basically what happened was that once I had stapled down the veneer and had gone home the tension on it popped the staple out and it lifted up a 1/16" of an inch just in and area of 2 inches of the joint.

I had used more epoxy than I had needed so I thought that it had filled the void I was wrong. For the most part they are only and inch in diameter and the Gougeons brothers book said I shouldn't need to sand more that a 1/16" off to get the hull fair and apart from these three areas I haven't. Anyway I almost have this side of the hull fair but I have broke through one of these voids and I still have some sanding to do to get it fair.

I still want to clear finish the hull so this leaves me with a problem. Do I rout out the affected areas and fit a scarf jointed patch or fit a batten and rout out a 2" rebate along the full lenght of the veneer and bond in a 2" spline. Either way it'll show, this needs a bit of thought.

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