Thursday, 15 October 2009

Don't try this at home.

Hi Guy's
Sorry I haven't posted for a while this house buying game is long winded and expensive especially in Cornwall. Any way I have sorted out my new garage to accept the boat. I had problems with access to my old workshop but finally moved my boat today.

I had to build a special frame to fit my roof bars to hold the boat even so there was quite an overhang at either end of the car which made the 15 mile trip to my new place interesting I know Vauxhall Astras are a bit run of the mill but if you can carry what I have on top of one today then it must be a good car.
Unfortunately I had to destroy the mold to get the boat off as it was stuck to it. This is as far as it goes for now my job is taking me abroad for a few months but I will be back home in March and then I' ll see if I can finish and be on the water for the summer.

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