Friday, 11 January 2008

Third and final layer of veneer.

Hi guy's,

Not much progress achieved I'm sorry to say. I had no access at all to my workshop over most of November. This photo was taken in the middle of December when I only had eight veneers on the boat. I have had real problems spiling these veneers to get a good fit some of them have crept away by about a millimeter a small gap I know but I know it's there. With Christmass and new year I didn't achieve much I now have twenty veneers on the boat and the spiling process has improved the main problem being the top of the veneer was lifting slightly while I was spiling the bottom of the veneer. This caused the bottom of the veneer to move closer to the edge of the previous veneer increasing the overlap. This caused me to plane too much off the bottom of the veneer and would leave a gap when the veneer as properly glued in place. I solved this by using two four kilo weights to hold the veneers down while I was spiling. Due to work I will loose the rest of this month so all the progress I made in January will be wasted it's a bit frustrating at the moment I either have problems with access, materials or time. Still if was like this last year I had access problems and I couldn't source materials I needed locally which in the end set me back three months.

Well the end of the project is in sight every time I go and work on the boat I do make progress just not always as much as I hoped I would. Still twenty veneers on thirty six to go then I can do something different from fitting veneers.

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