Friday, 14 March 2008

Jollyboat website.

Hi Guys,

I found the new jollyboat forum the other day quite by accident. I was looking for a friends car blog in google and it wasn't coming up so I put my own blog in just to see if it wasn't finding any blogs or just his and the search results came up with my blog name. I clicked it thinking it would take me here and it took me to this new site by the CVRDA and they were taking about my boat cool!

I started this blog because I had had a bit of interest after I had sent some photo's to Tony Dixon just to show him what I was doing with his plans. I joined the CVRDA forum so I could get a bit of help when I'm not sure what the plans are getting at. Anyway after a while it went a bit quiet so it was a bit of a boost to find out there was some interest in by boat and people had been watching my blog while I had been beavering away on my boat.

Anyway great website lots of good photo's which were a great help to me.

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