Sunday, 13 April 2008

Just sanding, more sanding and lots of it.

Hi guy's

No photo's today well one photo of a partly sanded boat is the same as another really. I made a 3' sanding block out of 1/2" plywood it works really well on the aft sections of the boat but doesn't bend well enough round the curved sections at the bow so I may need to made a 3/8" block. I've run out of sand paper and for some reason I can't find anywhere that sells the stuff I'm using locally. I bought the stuff at totem timber in Plymouth while I was up there so it would be reasonable to expect Totem timber in St.Austell to stock it as well, wrong. I ordered some on line with a three day delivery thinking it'll be here on Monday just as I run out, wrong. It's not in stock take five day's to get it. So I'm resigned to loosing a couple more days of work this month.

Why the hurry you might ask, well normally this wouldn't bother me and I would enjoy pottering on as circumstances dictate but I know I'm due to move with my work sometime at the end of this year. I don't know when and it could be earlier so I am anxious to get the boat to a stage where I can take it off the mold so if I do move earlier I can trailer it. To do this I need to finish final fairing, cap the keel and stem. Possibly fit the outer gunnel's well I call em gunnel's.

This may not be a problem and I'm just worrying about nothing but I like to look ahead so there are no surprises down the line.

Well we'll see.

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