Tuesday, 1 April 2008

More and more sanding

Hello Folks

Bit of a depressing week. I made up a chalk stick and it revealed that the boat is not fair. Well I should of known really, the up side is that it doesn't have any big hollows or high spots just lots of little ones which can be sanded out. This will have to be done by hand with a long board so I made one up from a 2' length of 3/8" ply wood and made a start using 70 grit glass paper. I think I'll make up a 3' board as well for the long flat areas of the hull. The long board shows up the low spots quit well and they don't look too bad so far. I am a bit worried about the areas of coarse grain, I may have to fill here which would mean I couldn't clear finish the boat.

Well we'll see It could still sand out.

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