Thursday, 19 June 2008

End in Sight.

hi folks,

Haven't posted for a while. Mainly still sanding but now the hull is close to fair now. That took longer than I thought it would. Still got some sanding to do but only a couple of weeks worth at the most. Then I will patch the voids using scarf jointed patches.

I will post some photos when I can.


Andrew Craig-Bennett said...

Well done!

How have you finished the hull - an admiring audience would like to know!

It does seem a shame not to finish her bright just because of a couple of correctable defects, but I am not the one building the boat!

If you are painting her, will you use epoxy and cloth first?

Well done!


Steve said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for leaving a note. I was begining to think nobody was watching. I haven't posted for a while because I was mainly sanding and there didn't seem to be any change in the photo's even when I could feel it through my finger tips.