Monday, 18 August 2008

Hull patched.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the comment you left Andrew.

I have patched the hull but the finish is just not good enough for a bright finish. I have a couple of small low spots but I'm afraid I'll sand through if I go on sanding. So I have ordered some west system filler to give these areas a light skim. It only needs a light skim where the grain is a bit coarse.

I have also ordered the timber I need to cap the keel. I ordered it sawn not planed because I'm watching the costs credit crunch and that.

I'm just going to epoxy coat the the hull and paint it red well they say red cars are faster. I'll clear finish the decks and interior.

Getting close to removing the boat from the mould now, not sure what to do with the mould. I have to move with my job at end of the year would be a shame to break it up, maybe somebody could give it a good home learn from my mistakes and build another jollyboat.

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