Sunday, 26 October 2008


Hi Guy's

sorry I've not posted in a while been a bit busy cracking on with the gunnel's. I bought the timber rough sawn so had to plane it up true before I could mark out the gunnel profile from the plans.

That's done now I tried clamping them to the mold but they were too thick they wouldn't bend round. So I have planed them down to 3/4" thick they bend round nicely now although I'm worried how the glue will hold when the clamps come off.

I have the first gunnel clamped on and the glue areas marked out, I'm going to leave it on a couple of days to allow the timber to take up the curve before I glue it.


Meerkat said...

Hi Steve,
What a great project! I used to race J62 "Juno" with my brother at the helm way back in the 60's at Shotley Sailing Club.
We helped develop the original spinnaker chute, and even the class rules were changed to allow for it.
Lovely, beautiful boats. Still remember it with a great deal of love.
Steve Crowther (Thought I'd better repeat this on your latest post).

Steve said...

Hi Steve thanks for the coment.
Sorry I'm late replying I haven't been on my blog for a bit. I don't seam to get much done to the boat at this time of year. I don't know much about sailing I thought I would build the boat first then learn to sail in it. Bit backward I know but I seem to like to do things the hard way.

Anyway thanks for geting in touch.