Saturday, 27 September 2008

Stem Cap Complete.

Hi Folks,

well the stem cap is finished well apart from a bit of sanding. It looks quite good seeing as most of it has been done by eye. Its a bit different from the one I saw on the jollyboat in the museum on the Isle of White but its profile is the same as that shown on the plans.

It was slightly asymmetrical so in the end I planed each side flush to the surrounding veneers using a straight edge as a guide, then I carefully planed a 3/8" flat for the keel band to screw to. Finally I used a piece of veneer bent to a nice curve to mark the stem and then block planed the curve to give a smooth transition from keel to stem.

I now have a sound hull skin that can be moved it necessary. Next job is to plane down the stock I bought for the gunnel's, I have already done one three to go.

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