Monday, 22 September 2008

Stem Cap Roughed Out

Hi Folk's

Roughed out the stem cap yesterday, just held the blank up against the hull and ran a pencil round the hull to transfer the outline to the blank then roughed the blank out with the power plane. Today I have to hand plane closer down to the line and do a few test fits. I'll do the final shaping after the blank has been glued to the hull. I'll leave this until my next day off as I need plenty of time to get this done without clock watching.

Mean while when I have the odd spare hour I'll start rough planing the timber for the gunnel's. I have four 10' lengths of untile which need planing down to 7/8" square before being scarfed jointed into two 20' lengths. I also need to mark the sheer line and trim the overlap off once the stem cap is glued on. I should have a sturdy hull skin that can then be removed from the mold.

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