Saturday, 20 September 2008

Keel Cap Glued Inplace

Hi Guy's

Well I've done it now no going back the keel cap is glued in place. Sorry I haven't that many photo's I rushed off to do the job and forgot to take the camera, then the following day when I had to remove the the screws after the glue had cured I forgot the camera again. So unfortunately you have a big gap between the cap ready to go on and some final finishing and sanding.

I had to screw the cap down there seemed to be no other way of holding it. I also notice that it would not lie flush to the hull when the screws were tightened so I slotted the screw holes slightly to give some fore and aft movement to let the cap settle in place.

Next job will be to plane the keel cap and the slight overlap of veneer flush to stem. I will then mark this outline onto the blank for the stem cap. Once I glue the stem cap in place I have a complete hull skin and the pressure is off. I have been a bit worried that I would have to move out of my workshop before the hull was finnished.Now I can move if necessary should I loose my workshop.

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