Saturday, 17 January 2009

Not getting much done.

Hi Folk's

not really getting much done this month. I have just started a new job not not working shifts anymore so have less spare time now. I managed to get a sheet of 8' by 4' by 3/4'' ply to use as one part of a cradle. I will probably need two more sheets.

Just been giving some thought as to how I can make a template to get the hull profile so I can lay it off on the cradle.

Anyway my car needs a fair bit of work for the MOT so my cash is going in that direction at the moment so I probably won't make too much progess this month.


Rollie said...

I just stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago - awesome work! I was thinking maybe this technique could be used on a canoe as well. I'll have to order a couple books on cold molding.

One question - the veneers overlap? Do you plane a taper on the edge of each one so that it sits on top of it's neighbor. They don't just butt up against each other?

Keep up the good work.


Steve said...

Hi Rollie there are three layers of veneer over lapping each other. They are laid at 90 degrees to each other. the edges just but upto each other. The method is explained in the Gougeon Brothers book on boat building there are lots of detailed diagrams and photo's to show you exactly how the do it. Also the bit that shows you how to calculation how much veneer you need and add 20 percent for wastage is gen it didn't and ran out.

Hope that helps

regards Steve.