Monday, 18 May 2009

Still Not Getting Much Done.

Hi Guy's

Apologies for not posting in a while but not much to write, the new job is pretty full on with lots of time away. I have started to make templates to make a support cradle to sit the boat in while I fit out the inside. Money has been tight as both my cars failed their MOTs and cost a bundle to fix I did all the work myself as I am to tight to pay somebody else to do work I can do myself.

Also I am in the process of buying a house not a cheap undertaking when you live in Cornwall but the place has a large garage/workshop which may possibly be larger than the house. This is good as I will probable spend most of my time in there.

Anyway I should be able to make some progress with the boat being at the bottom of the garden instead of ten miles away even if I do have a morgage the size of the debt of a small 3rd world country.

Well thats all folks.

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