Sunday, 21 February 2010

Back from overseas

Well I'm back from working overseas so it's time to get on with the boat.

The next tasks I have to do are:

1. Build a support cradle to hold the boat in shape while I fit out the inside.
2. Strip all the tape off and rough sand the inside of the boat.
3. Fit the three deck beams.
4. Make and fit the plate case.
5. Made the framework for the buoyancy tanks.
6. Fit the deck.
7. Apply final coats of epoxy.
8. Source and fit hardware.
9. Source spar, boom and sails.

Not a long list then.
Better get started.

PS. Hello to the Byron Boys days to do.

That's about guys bye.


Jamie said...

Keep up the good work, Steve. Glad to see that you're getting straight back into it. It should be great when it's finished. The sunshine mountain hasn't changed much in the last few weeks but hey ho, days to do.


Steve said...

Cheers mate that was the plan but now both cars need fixing for the mot and the garage roof is leaking. But on the bright side I used my pit to fit new bushes to me car, well new to me anyway and working under a car while standing up luxury.

Take care fletch - days to do