Monday, 1 March 2010

Somewhat Distracted.

What can I say I'm not making much progress with the boat just now.
I did have just the one project the boat but now we have bought the house that's turned into a project too. Its a hundred year old miners cottage with a large garage workshop, ideal for the boat. The roof on the garage leaks so I'll have to fix that so that when I turn the boat over it doesn't turn into a giant bath tub.

Incidentally I recon I'd love to have a bath tub made of this material or a hot tub maybe that will be my next project?????? No I don't need another project got distracted see what I mean?


TMC said...

Keep going Steve! Will Moizer, J200 in Ottawa Canada.

Steve said...

Thanks for the encouragement Will.
I'm slowly sorting the workshop out once thats done Ibe getting on with the boat again.