Friday, 6 August 2010


Hi Folks

Haven't done a lot have new job now work away from home during week and only home at weekends. Its a bit pants but had no choice I was posted on promotion. Still I can't complain to much I still have a job.

I drafted a drawing of a support cradle from the main profile plan for the boat in CAD.

It has support frames at mold stations 3; 4; 7 and 8. I built it this week.

I have designed it so that I can remove some boards from my inspection pit and slot the frame into the gaps. This will allow me to work under the boat just like I do with my car. Also I plan to fit casters to the bottom of the frame the idea being the frame will sit firmly in the pit with the casters hanging free and if I need to move the boat I can lift it out onto the casters and just roll it out of the garage.


Jamie said...

Hi Steve. It's good to see you haven't given up on your boat because of the new job. Hope all is well, keep up the good work.

Fletch (in Cyprus)

Steve said...

Hi Fletch

Yes I'm still plowing on slowly maily because my house has become a project(damp),my garage(leaking roof) and my car(rust). They thing come along in three's. Hows the music promoting going I bumped into Shaun the other day.

Take care mate

P.S. If you've seen Doctor Who you'll know what that means.