Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hi Folks,

I'm gradually sorting out the garage to get a bit more space to work. It has bare breeze block walls and a bare concrete floor that makes a bit of dust. To stop this I'm painting the walls with the cheapest emulsion paint I can find which is magnolia. After living in MQs for years I said I would never paint any building, I owned, this colour but it is cheap. The blocks are soaking up the paint like a sponge but it is cutting down the dust and making the place lighter.

The roofs leaking so I'm keeping the boat under the tarpaulin for now. I really have to get down to sanding out the inside of the hull then fit the deck beams . This should hold the hull in shape.

I'm mainly only working at weekends now because I work away from home during the week. There seems to be a mountain of jobs that stack up in the week which wait until I get home.

My work home life balance is all wrong at the moment , my goal is to sort this out this year one way or another. There is no point earning a good living and providing a good home for your family if your never there to share it with them.

Anyway KBO


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