Monday, 8 November 2010

Some New Photos

Hi Folks,

I have been doing a bit of work to the boat, mainly scraping and sanding off the tape I put onto the veneers to stop to much glue getting on them. This was a mistake the tape is harder to get of than the glue and it doesn't sand off as well as the glue.

I have also taken a couple of photo's of the support cradle to show how it conforms to the shape of the boat. This was achieved by transferring the contour to the cradle frame using a 3mm thick marking and removing the waste with a spokeshave.

Then marking again and removing more waste until the final contour is achieved.

The sanding is just to remove the tape and excess glue, I will use a long board to final fair the interior after a bit of final fettling of the cradle frames.

That's about it guys.


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