Sunday, 16 December 2007

First boat photo's

Hi guys these are some of the photo's of the work done that I described in the last post but I was still working out how to post photo's. As you can see I still haven't got the hang of it because they arn't in order.
As you can see I set up the frame first and marked the centre line with a plumb line made out of mig welding wire.
The main center mold was set up first using a spiritlevel and wedges with a 1" by 2" framework to hold it. The rest of the molds were then setup a 21" spacings.
Mold one is at an 18 5/8" spacing with the
mold stem attached to it at the top with a spacing
of 7 3/16" at the bottom.
Starting to look like somthing now this work was started
in June 2006 and completed by the end of August.
I had never built a boat before but had read number of books
and was learning as I went along. I generally solved each problem
as they came along proving my old boss right when he said there's
always a way.

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