Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Steve's boat


I'm Steve and this is my new boat blog. I have been working on this boat for 18 months now
Its being built to plans of a 1955 Jollyboat designed by Uffa Fox. I sent off some pictures to tony Dixon who is Uffa Fox's nephew who put them on his wedsite, this generated some interest so I have started this blog to show how I'm going on.

There arn't to many jollyboats left in the UK now so I thought it would be a worthwhile project to build one. I had just finished an HNC in Engineering and wanted a project to keep me ticking over. I transfered the plans onto CAD and carried out the lofting process on my PC which was alot easier on my knee's. This worked out quite well I only had a 1/4" error on one mold which turned out to be my marking out when I made the mold not the lofting.

In Cad I made offsets at 2" spacings vertically and horizontally for each mold. I transfered these onto 3mm shuttering ply and cut these templates out suing a jigsaw and finished them with a block plane. To these I glued and screwed 6" wide lenghts of 18mm MDF to form the frame work of the mold. I cut these to size using a router with a straight cutting bit with a bearing to follow the plywood template.

I then build a 20' x 4' frame to mount the molds on using 2"x4" pine then mounted the molds, transom and stem.

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