Friday, 21 December 2007

Shaping the Keel.

Sorry folks got my photo's out of order again.

Lines were marked at every mold using a rule, then a pull saw was used to cut along the lines following the angle of the mold. A chisel was then used to cut out the material between the saw cuts to give a series of angled notches showing the profile of the keel at each mold.

These notches would be used as a guide along with a flexible batten to shape the keel.

With the keel laminate cured It's time to cut the centre board slot. It's best to do this now using the the flat surface of the plank to mark out. I am going to use a wooden centre board 1 1/8" wide I need to cut a 1 7/8" slot to account for the 1/4" ply sides of the centre board case. I used a jigsaw to cut just inside both line but left the blank in place to make it easier to shape the keel.

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